Sutdio Eleven #332 Tracklisting 31.03.2011

01. The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – Heart In Your Heartbreak
02. Spectrals – I Ran With Love But I Couldn’t Keep Up
03. Yuck – The Wall
04. The Luyas – Too Beautiful To Work
05. Gramercy Riffs – Call Me
06. Wild Beasts – All The Kings Men
07. Hey Rosetta! – Welcome
08. Sex Beet – Alone
09. LoneLady – Nerve Up
10. Carnivores – Darker Days
11. The Darkside -Waiting For The Angels

3 Responses to Std11 #332

  1. rod mac disse:

    q pasa tiossssssssss

    thanks a lot for playing the tune

    and the first one to open up really rockssssssssssss

    • mark disse:

      thanks for your request! actually, after the song by yuck played on the radio, the phone rang straight after: “who´s this band??”
      best wishes, mate!

  2. rod mac disse:

    nice one

    was that a chick i suppose…;-)

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