“How does it feel when you are sleeping?
Do you enjoy your occupation?
How does it taste when you’re eating?
Comfortable, happy, satisfied, completely, no problem
Comfortable, happy, satisfied, completely, no problem”

Body Parts em “Comfortable, Happy, Satisfied”

Studio Eleven #345 Tracklisting 21.07.2011

01. Sleeper Agent – Get It Daddy
02. Orbit – I Wanna Make You
03. The Young Things – Talking Too Loud
04. The Men – Night Landing
05. Body Parts – Comfortable, Happy, Satisfied
06. Kingsley Flood – I Don’t Wanna Go Home
07. Devon Williams – Your Simpathy
08. New Navy – Zimbabwe
09. Blue Belt – Anymore
10. Cee-Lo Green – Everybody Loves You (Baby)
11. Fonda – Better Days

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